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    Gayle Felbain – Mastery in Motion

    Would you like to experience greater ease and comfort in your body? No matter what it is you are doing? Creating better performance and wellness through body/mind alignment Gayle Felbain is pleased to introduce her work to the Tucson community. She brings with her 35 years of practice and teaching experience and has worked with people throughout the world, helping them achieve a more balanced approach to life. Gayle has developed an approach to body/mind alignment using the time-tested Alexander Technique, the concept and practice of Mindfulness, and focused professional coaching. This work is effective in working with chronic pain, back and joint issues, breathing and coordination issues, chronic headaches and migraines, stress reduction, and much more. Discover this revolutionary work and find out for yourself. [...]


  • Jim Harris Photography

    ~Jim Harris Professional Photographer Photography and portrait services for families, children, engagements, weddings, pets, sports teams, seniors, business/commercial, Women Under The Sun, and so much more. [...]


  • BioPhonic Therapy Solutions

    Our mission is to help people achieve their highest potential through the power of light. We are committed to  Amazing results with cutting-edge technology Lasting quality and fantastic customer service Authentic personal connections A win/win business model that benefits everyone The synergy of working together for a cause that benefits all   ~Marva and Jim Harvey [...]


  • Cookie Jar

    Cookie Jar Wax & Beauty Bar by Jessica Enriquez Cookie Jar Wax & Beauty Bar is Tucson’s unrivaled beauty salon specializing in effective and thorough hair removal from head to toe but, that’s not all, Jessica Enriquez has brought to the table the art of eyelash extensions as well as her skills in make up artistry. She comes with great experience and even greater attention to detail. [...]


  • Legal Docs by Angie

    Why hire Legal Docs by Angie instead of an attorney? There are many reasons… Value I provide precise legal documents at prices that are affordable for everyone. It does not have to break the bank to get your estate in order, to administer someone else’s or to start your own business. Availability & Expediency Many law firms have appointments scheduled a month or more in advance. And once you are scheduled you may not even meet with the attorney that you are paying so much for. With me, you will be treated with the priority and attention you deserve. Mobility Some attorneys will make house calls but almost always charge an exorbitant amount to do so. I will travel to you without a fee and I will deliver your documents to your home upon completion. Personality As a Tucsonan, born and raised in this beautiful desert, I love the warmth and have no idea what to do with snow! After living in many states across the country I know there is no place like Tucson. I love the big city features with the small town feeling. Starting around 10 years old, I devoured all of the law text and case law I could get my hands on. I took the only law class Tucson High Magnet School offered. Every Thursday we would have a field trip to Pima County Superior Court to observe the court process. I couldn’t get enough, I watched jury selection, I heard opening arguments and testimony from witnesses and defendants. And I enjoyed the fiction of law as well, reading law novels, watching law dramas on TV and memorizing lines from movies like A Few Good Men. Spending my free time researching to see if any of the courtroom antics and tricks would work in real life. Being a paralegal was great, being a legal document preparer is fantastic! I was able to help people through some of the roughest and saddest times of their lives as a paralegal. Working on many probate and trust administration cases I was able to empathize with the clients in their varied states of grieving and confusion. It was a touching experience that I’m so glad I had. I was able to come home knowing I didn’t just do my job, I also made a difference in their lives. That is an amazing feeling! As a legal document preparer I have been able to broaden who I can help. I have the freedom to seek out clients from all walks of life and help so many more people. Legal Docs by Angie gives you the experience you need at the price you want! Legal Docs by Angie Angela C. Morgan AZ Certified Legal Document Preparer Certificate #81704 (520) 406-0951 [...]


  • Uptown Cheapskate

    Heather Martinez’ Uptown Cheapskate is not your average thrift store. We buy only the most stylish gently used clothes and accessories you loved yesterday and sell them today at up to 70% less than mall prices! Unlike consignment stores, you can earn cash on the spot when you sell us your like-new fashions for guys and girls. Now with more than 70 franchise locations to serve you. Our stores offer low prices on new and second-hand clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry from your favorite brands and designers—all under one roof! Uptown Cheapskate’s award-winning upscale resale franchise model is primed for growth and we’re looking for dedicated franchise partners. Foothills Mall 7475 North La Cholla Blvd, Tucson AZ. 85741 [...]