$125.00 /yr

  • Listed on membership page.
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Invitation to all events.
  • Goodie Bag Promotion

Small Business

Small Business, Restaurants, and Non-profits.

$500.00/yr - Spring Special: $350

  • A basic ad with a live link.
  • Photo shoot. You own photos.
  • Invitation to all events.
  • Listed on membership page.


Medical and Small Corporate Businesses.

$750.00 /yr - Spring Special: $500

  • Your business Ad with description and short editorial with a live link.
  • Photo shoot.You own photos.
  • Invitation to events. Introduction to your business.Promote your business.
  • You supply the promotional items.
  • WUTS will promote your business at our events and include your logo in our promotions
  • Listed on membership page

Blue Star

$1500.00 /yr - Spring Special: $999

  • Blue Star ad and page is editorial with a live link.
  • Photoshoot for the ad. You own photos. Participation-invitation to participate in extra photoshoots for WUTS. Business Credit.
  • Your business mentioned in the article(s) we write for WUTS. Examples. Food preparation, organizing your office, car maintenance.
  • Introduction and promotion at all of our events. You provide the promotion items.
  • We will use your logo on our promotion for these events.
  • Help host celebrity guest in October in collaboration with Arizona's Nutritional Science Department.
  • Showcase your business, participation welcomed, as well as volunteering for the meet and greet event.
  • Hold an event at your place of business.