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Women Under the Sun

Talented and Passionate Women of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii and Vermont

(WUTS) is a predominantly women based group of Arizona, California & Colorado small business owners and leaders, supporting each other’s businesses, aspirations, and shared ideas; and sharing the things we love such as art, music, dining, culture, travel, community projects, and organizations to which we are committed.

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Kristen Ulmer has over three decades of real-world experience leading her to become a thought leader on fear. Drawing from her tenure as the most fearless woman extreme skier in the world for 12 years, from intently studying Zen for 16 years, and from facilitating thousands of clients on flow and peak performance, her book: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead, offers remarkably fresh ideas about what to do about this highly misunderstood emotion.

Her work has been featured in such media as NPR, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, Tim Ferriss’s new book “Tribe of Mentors,” the Megyn Kelly show and many more.

She talks and facilitates about fear and anxiety all over the world.

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Kim Adair

CMO and Founder
Women Under the Sun-AZ, LLC.

Kim moved to Tucson from Colorado to be near the work of some of the top cancer research in the world at Arizona Cancer Center. Aside from owning her own successful small businesses, she has 35 years of advertising and marketing background. Kim was a senior advertising executive for a popular Colorado magazine, creating several popular community leader print campaigns, along with her own cancer print campaigns.

“What made me successful in each of my ventures, was my ability to market my own businesses. I like to have fun. I think in the margins. I am always trying to think how I can turn an experience into something new and creative that will make people think”.

Kim likes to camp and canoe. Her favorite string instrument is the cello and aspires to learn to play someday. She would like to travel the world.

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